What is the MACCI?

An organisation which strives to develop  opportunities that benefit members at Moorabbin Airport. These  areas may include various discounts for maintenance, a reduction in airport access and hangarage charges, possible fuel discounts, aviation related software discounts and insurance to name a few.
The aim is to attract more pilots and aircraft owners to visit and or make Moorabbin Aiport their base field

Download the Moorabbin Airport 2021 Master Plan


Private pilots

$100 per year


$200 per year which includes promotion on this website of Company logo.

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Discounts available

Avplan membership

The coupon code for MACC members is "macc 2017". When purchasing through the website, macc members can enter the coupon text as prompted to get 15% off AvPlan Premium, VFR, IFR and PRO subscriptions

Moorabbin access charges:

Discounts on landing and hangar fees (TBA)


Discount for aircraft insurance through QBE (TBA)


Discounts for car hire rates and other options available for members

Others in negotiation